I don't think I have had anyone say they thought film was "pointless", but I certainly have had questions from those who are curious.

My response depends on a number of factors.

In many cases, the question comes from someone who has used film in the past. For those people, I respond by indicating how much I enjoy using film. In addition, I mention that I still do my own black and white darkroom work, that film and processing is (relatively) readily available in my area, and that modern films are really wonderful in comparison to films from even 25 years ago.

Also, if someone notices what I am doing, it is fairly likely that I'll be using medium format equipment. Many former film users still recognise the larger medium format equipment as being in some way "special", and therefore it seems to be easier to explain why I use it.

And for those that have never shot film, I think the combination of the "unusual" equipment I use, my enthusiasm about the subject, and my phrase "I've been using and enjoying film for 40+ years, why should I change now" helps convince them that I have good reasons for the choice.