Well, seems I got quite a few cards whilst I was on holiday in AU! I received the following over the past couple of months:
  • Andrew's "View of South Park from Boreas Pass" - love the detail in this image, makes me yearn even more for a 5x4.
  • Gord's "Rose Deer Hotel" - If I ever get the chance to visit Canada, think this will be one place I'd love to visit and shoot myself.
  • Tim's "Wall" in Reykjavik - Nice texture in those concrete posts.
  • Andres' "Gang" - kids always love to play at this
  • Aron's "No 20" - love this paper!
  • Mark Rewald's "Alfalfa" - Mark, the paper fogging(?) doesn't worry me either - she's a real cutie!
  • Roger's "Double Doors" - Great contrast in the print; matches the subject really well!
  • Craig's "A Bunch of Dollars" - I've never heard of these called that before! And to think I must have been a millionaire as a kid. . . . . . .