APUG friends,

I have been gathering my thoughts for a conceptual series on the subject of "Pixelation."

This includes a few image ideas that I continue to refine. In the current context, I believe that this is a very interesting topic to pursue, but I have concluded that I'd really like to know what others might make of the subject.

So.. this is an idea for a group project. I am soliciting your participation and your image ideas, and I will support small projects as best I can by organizing cordial critique and some payment for images that say important things about the theme and can be included in an eventual series. I can't say offhand how big the series will be, but I estimate ~20 images.

If your work is included in the resulting series, then you'd receive some symbolic nonzero payment from me and colleagues involved. If the series as a whole looks good as a set, then we will pursue publication... proceeding, of course, with the full cooperation of those who provided successful submissions.

Let me say a few words about the subject. "Pixelation," to me, is more than merely separating an image into pixels... it is about that literal transformation of the image, but Pixelation is also about the digital society, about exchange of information, about connections or lack thereof, about technology driving art and fashion in new directions. Pixelation represents a whole culture that continues to stir debate and emotion... yet it's something that started changing our culture quite a long time ago. For some of us, the first exposure to pixelation was with digital wristwatches back in the 70s! How have digital technologies affected the way we see? And so forth. And it'd be totally fine with me if somebody could make some effective art related to this subject that doesn't have to say anything specific. The idea is meant to be a catalyst, not a limiter.

Please note, in case there is any misunderstanding: this is not intended to be an anti-digital series. I think we have the talent assembled here and at partner sites to do much better than that.

If this project has legs, then I will set up some transparent structure and I will solicit help from a few of you with experienced eyes to help me review images. I expect that some written accompaniment will also be in order, so I'll need help with that too.

For starters, I'd really like to hear some thoughts on this. Are you interested?