I am not familiar with your photographic interests, but do understand your feelings. As I age, and my mobility decreases, I find it frustrating at times. But what I have found, for me, is that I find the process more important than the subject. Not that the images are unimportant, far from it. But, that I can lose myself in the moment. To cease to think about my cares and situation, as I photograph. I find that I can find interesting images in my own yard. No, not grand vistas, but images I would like to capture and work with. More importantly it becomes an enjoyable challenge to find images on this smaller scale.

Choosing the light, the exposure, the depth of field, works the same for a bug, a flower, a tree, or a mountain. Suddenly I no longer think about what is past, or what is fading. I am in the moment, and doing something I thoroughly enjoy. For me, it is good therapy and more than enough.

Hopefully you will find your mojo...

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