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There's a 124just been listed here in the Classified, $180 is a good price for one in excellent condition, the 124G has gold plated contacts and is essentially the same camera.

Yeah, they're pretty much the same. I'd take a nice 124G.

The reasons I (slightly) prefer the non-G (which is more rare) - I so far haven't used flash and, though I may, it isn't a high priority enough matter to make gold contacts a big point. The pre-G model is apparently somewhat different internally, and is rumored to have a stronger film wind mechanism. It does sound different. More of a metallic "zing" sound on winding. The pre-G also has lots of chrome finish from before the days when black finish meant "pro." I just think it looks better!

Honestly, I like my 124 so much every time I see either a 124 or 124G at a good price I'm sorely tempted to buy a second to keep loaded with different film. They're small and light enough I could just keep two plus my LunaPro SBC (a large meter) in my small shoulder bag. But I just committed to a Maimya 645Pro system so I'd best not.