I'm currently on an extended stay in Istanbul but originally from Sweden. I work as a professional photographer doing mostly fashion & advertising and started out shooting 6x7 (Pentax) but have been strictly digital since 2006. Lately though I've found myself being a bit bored with digital and feeling a bit creatively exhausted, so I started to consider getting back into film photography to revive the spark so to speak. After weighing my options I settled on a Hasselblad 501cm in mint/unused condition that I found here in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago, and needless to say I'm having a blast again. It's easy to forget why you loved something in the first place when it becomes everyday work, shooting film again has reminded me of that love and I'm even considering doing some of my payed work on film too. There's definitely no question film has a completely different look than digital, and going forward I hope more and more people realize it doesn't have to be either digital OR film, but rather digital AND film.

Oh, and to anyone who says you can't shoot street with a Hassy I say pfffff please