The last time that I was at the Englishtown Flea Market was a little over a year ago and I remember seeing a gentleman in one of the buildings who had a section of just photography related items. It may have been the yellow building but I can't say I remember for certain. I have bought a couple things from him, like a brick of fresh tri-x and a couple of cheap filters to experiment with.

He had a bunch of stuff and a lot of it looked like it was placed in the space with a half-effort so it was hard to tell everything that was there. I do not remember seeing any cameras or lenses except for maybe a couple third party lenses and a Sears 35mm slr. He had a Beseler 23, a bunch of tripods, various older never ready cases and pouch cases, a bunch filters and even some books if I remember correctly. There was also other things there at the time but I don't remember them with any certainty.