Freestyle sells 220 film, but keep in mind the extra hassle of developing it yourself -- special reels and so on -- commercial? Just make sure they know what you are giving them.

As to which camera -- for all TLRs check for shutter operation -- slow speeds should sound smooth and snappy, self timer should not drag (although nobody ever uses them so this is not critical except a draggy self timer shows that other parts of the shutter are also needing service). Check that wind mechanism is smooth and sure---make sure, as you focus, that the lens panel all rises away from the body of the camera evenly, that it is not out of alignment. Dents and dings are a huge red flag.

Rollei or Yashica? You save a bit buying a Yashica, and the lenses on the newer ones especially are very good, but the extra you pay for a Rollei pays dividends, although service also costs more. Compur shutters tend to not age as well as the Seiko ones on the Yashicas if ur looking for an older camera that can get by without being serviced right aweawy, but when a Compur shutter has been serviced it is heaven.

All these cameras are 30-50 years old, so you pretty much better plan on having it serviced if not already. Essex in New Jersey is good.