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I have noticed in the past few days.....as the outfit I bought came with motor winder, long lenses, and a pile of other accessories and filters... I've already played with it, stripped it all off, and am back to just the base camera with a 50mm lens.

Hopefully that means if I get the urge to buy stuff (GAS it seems ya'll call it? ) I can just dig into the drawer and play with something I already have for a while.

I have seen a lot of good deals on full darkroom setups. Space is an issue, but I know I could make it work....just going to see if I stick with the shooting before pushing ahead on that end. I think I will at least get enough to develop the film though, loaded in a bag. Seems strange to send B&W off...
GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

It usually doesn't cost many AMUs, though.

For the rest - AMU - Aviation Monetary Unit, or $1000, a pilot term to try to make spending a thousand bucks less painful!