I am so glad I remembered this thread!

I just took delivery of a Bell&Howell Canonet 19 - and I LOVE IT!!! I found a very useful link, as well, that no Canonet RF owner should be without:


But my question is this:

The 19 is really simple in terms of access to the top - the rewind lever is on the bottom (and the more I use it, the more I think that is where it ought to be - seems awkward, but its just so intuitive - I was shocked!). I noticed that Matt mentioned the a q-tip and isopropyl. Easy enough, as I only have three little screw to take out, BUT - is there anything I should just NOT touch (either at all or with the alcohol)? Are any of the parts going to be affected by the alcohol (I understand the amounts have to be very judiscious)? Can I use compressed air in there, or is that too "forcefull"?

And finally - I want to clean now, but there is half a roll of film in the camera - does the top coming off affect the light-proofing of the body ( I would assume yes, but I htought I'd ask).