Good morning, Gerry;

An alternate method to consider might be finding a Vivitar or Tamron Auto Focusing lens with a Nikon Mount to go onto one of your existing cameras. If you prefer another camera instead of the F100, the Tamron Adaptall-2 mounts will allow the Tamron Type 47A to go onto about 20 or so different camera mounts. The Ponder and Best guys had Vivitar lenses made for most cameras from the 1960s to the 1980s. The Vivitar AF lenses are not common, but they are out there. I have about 4 different Vivitar AF versions. No, they are not as fast at focusing as the modern DSLR AF lenses in low light, but if you can give them a little more time, they will get there.

I agree that this idea may not be for a small and lighter camera, but you will be using a camera you already have, you already know and are familiar with using, and the greater mass does help with holding the camera still when you take the photograph.

With one of my Minolta X-700 cameras set in "P" or Program mode, and the Tamron Type 47A zoom lens and an MD-1 Motor Drive on it, it is a really neat P&S 35mm film camera.

Yes, having eyes that have developed an excessive accumulation of years does make AF capability much more attractive.