Three more cards arrived last week:

markrewald, Alfalfa. Been looking at this card the whole week. Whatever happened to that paper is amazing, it looks absolutely great with this subject.
Tim Gray, upon first seeing this card, I loved the minimalistic approach. Beautiful shades of grey, nicely changing from pillar to pillar. Then I read the back. Nothing 100% certain yet, but the plans are to visit Iceland this summer. I've seen the church in the books and guides, but wouldn't have recognised it on your photo. You've truly managed to give us a different view on a famous landmark. Now I really want to go there!
gordrob, Rose Deer Hotel (or is it Rosedeer-hotel?), captured on a sunny and windy day, by the looks of it. Personally I might have tried printing this with just a bit more contrast. Nice capture, the wheels, the railroad track (still used, or not?), the typical buildings.

Thanks. If I'm not mistaken, I've received 22 out of 25 cards so far, which I consider a very good score!