Hello, APUG.

I purchased my first digital SLR in January of 2007. Initially, I just wanted to capture better pictures of my son (14 months old at the time). It was immediately a slippery slope for me and I've learned a lot along the way.

But I started to feel as if something was missing in my images. After comparing images of other photographers captured on film with my digital captures, I finally figured out what was missing. Soul. Character. So as of February 2012, I have decided to travel the 35mm film route. From this point forward, my dSLR will be reserved for times when I am working with strobes. Otherwise, it's 35mm black & white film from here on out. And, yes. I will be developing my own film. =)

Lookin' forward to learning as much as I possibly can from the members of APUG with regard to shooting with film.