Earl - too true about the trip to QCC!!! Unfortunately, the thingymajig watchamacallit you know what that pays for this stuff - the evil "J" word, does not permit! I am in touch with the gentleman who has these, and am waitning his reply!

And this is something I think I spoke literally 5 minutes before typing this reply:

"Honey, I promise no more searching eBay for cameras."

I LAUGHED SO HARD, my sides still hurt and the neighbours may think someone is trying to kill me....

Paul - I am going to have to start paying you a tutoring fee - thank you so much! I wonder how the flourescent lights up and shuts down on time...must be some engineering trick! You are right - a Mamiya RB is on my wish list, hopefull in the near future, 6x7 will be something I will have to worry about - for now, well... see quote above

Budget is shoe string!

And, by the way, the Ansel Adams Trilogy is on order!!! I have read something by him called I believe "Photography Basics", but I don't remeber much about the book now (as to when it was published, etc - the content stuck like glue, even though I had little time with it!). I do remember it had a huge credit foe "editor" so I suspect it might have been a mass market dilution of the three books - or Ansel's attempt to give back to the "little guy", hehehehe