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I agree. cliveh asks so many questions that I wonder what he does with the answers. Does he covet them to inform and enhance his personal photographic work? Is he a teacher who unselfishly shares the wisdom of many with his students? Is there a intellectual treatise in the offing; a book perhaps? Is he polling photographic opinion to discover who agrees with his secret agenda?

The cliveh threads are a treasure trove of accumulated APUG though and if he were to offer a synopsis of his discoveries that would be a valuable contribution to photographic scholarship.

As for trees, they are the same as any other subject matter: visual metaphors for abstract ideas. A broken tree stands for dissolution and change, a straight one for strength and assertiveness, a bent and weathered one for resilience in the face of adversity; and so it goes.
Maris, can you give me a link to your website, as I would like to view your images.