so I didn't get a chance to try out the F5 because someone else put a reserve on it... dang. Oh well, it gave me some opportunity to look at other things.

The problem with the F5 (when I saw it) was that when I pressed the arrow buttons to move the AF point, it only moved up, down and center. No left or right movement. All the points seemed to be there. I was looking at the top LCD for these AF points. Only those points mentioned where accessible.

Funny enough, with the F5 being no longer available, I tried out two F100s. One was dead (even with battery grip). Must've been a bad contact or something. The other functioned just fine EXCEPT for the AF cursor buttons. And yes, I unlocked the AF toggle arrow buttons so I could move it around! The AF would go to up, left and center but would NOT go to right and bottom... And I pressed pretty firm. Anyways, that's a pass.

All this trouble makes me think it's best to stick with my F90x's with it's single point AF. From what I can tell, the AF button toggle in these cameras seem to be a weak point (atleast the ones I've tried!).

I made the mistake of trying a Leica R5 though...beautiful viewfinder and having diopter adjustment = HUGE. Anyways, that's for another post.