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This sounds interesting, but I'm trying to "visualize" it... and I can't!! Probably my own lack of imagination, but how do you see the look of the images? I mean, a pictures of folks hovered over laptops at a Starbucks seems all too literal, but I'm not sure how one can get at the idea of connection/disconnection and the pixelated life in pix. (Pardon the pun.)
See, now this is exactly the sort of thing I visualize - dozens of people at a coffee shop peering intently into laptops. In my mind though, there's a couple dancing nude, arms around each other, right in the middle of it all - and of course, completely unnoticed by those engrossed in their digital worlds. Alas I have no ability to see the concept through. Perhaps someone more connected might come up with a suitable locale and group of volunteers.