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UHHHHH....too bad...thought you were taking a roll with you---well--there you go--next time you will--learning experience...you may want to just call the dude up an undo the deal--if he's a right guy he'll take it back unless you made some "as is" deal with "no returns".

I wouldn't even bother getting a battery cover--just put any old plug in there that fits flush and stays put--hardware store or cork screw it in--the meter is almost certainly dead on that thing--they do not last AND not worth getting them fixed.
I was! But I forgot... big mistake.. And I did call the guy back, not to return it, but just to ask if he knew about the problem. He told me some weird thing about changing the pressure plate (This is a Yashica-24) and hung up....

But I guess we all learn from mistakes!