I am continuing to research the photo booth process and have had a bit of luck

having just got a strip that was not fully developed all over
most of it was quite low contrast b/w but the end was red and blue which has now faded to quite muted but is still a colour

I have emailed various people in the photo booth community of which there seems to be a lot of enthusiasts but nobody has got back to me with how it works

i did find this list which i believe is for b/w

#1 Developer (double tank). This is the tank/s which has the probe and/or thermo. -After the feed down unit.
#3 Water
#4 Bleach
#5 Water
#6 Water
#7 Clearing Agent (double tank) or, 2 single tanks
#8 Water
#9 Toner
#10 Water
#11 Water
#12 Water (under the feed down -- where the paper comes out of the camera)

anybody know what this process might be

my interest in this is to be able to do in camera 10x8 colour positives on the street
any ideas on this or another process other than polaroid or cibachrome now that these are no longer made