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For me, photography is a hobby and not a career. I shoot as much film as I can afford both in terms of cost of film and in time away from family, work, etc. As long as I have both the disposable income and the time to shoot, I will continue to do so. This last year, the bigger issue for me has been time, where I have been too busy at work to spend any significant time shooting. In the summer of 2009, I put 60 rolls through the camera in June-August (I am a fairly deliberate shooter, so I might use 1-2 rolls a day on a busy day); last year during the same time frame, I did 10 rolls (3 coming on the same day) as I logged 200 hours of overtime during those months. While I am not rolling in cash by any stretch of the imagination, my biggest "cost" is the time required for me to go out shooting. So while these price increases are annoying, the cost of a roll has rarely been the determining factor of how much I will shoot or which films I will shoot. I shoot the films I like (Tri-X being my personal favorite) and as much as I can afford.
I don't shoot a lot of film but this is pretty much my point too. I can afford all the film I have time to shoot, and I have time to shoot more than I have time to develop and print!

I'm not insensitive. I shot a lot of film (a lot more than now) in my college and high school days when I had to buy the cheapest stuff I could find. I made test strips on absurdly narrow (counterproductive, but never mind) strips of paper to save paper and so on. I understand it, but I don't think most people here are in that position. If you are, then Tri-X may not be the film for you. Fortunately at B&H HP5+ is cheaper as someone posted, and it's a really good film. Freestyle still has 120 TX for $3.79, and since it's my favorite film too I'm tempted to stock up - probably will if they still have it at that price next time I put in an order. I can afford the higher price but I'm not stupid - if I can get it more than a buck cheaper, I will. If one is really on a budget the Arista re-branded Foma is $2.89 a roll. It's not Tri-X, it's not really box speed, but I've seen a lot of images on it that I really like.

Give me ten more hours a week for darkroom work and I'll be a lot happier about that than if the price of film and paper dropped by 25%.