OK, it was intended to be a humorous anecdote... you can un-bunch your panties now...

And kit lense or not, I don't know of any manufacturer that puts such shite on their cameras, even the consumer lines. Even a person who is very, very unfamiliar with photo technology WILL eventually discover that he is holding on to a piece of crap intended to prey on his lack of knowledge - either through experience or because someone will point it out to them. These products are called "entry level" for a reason - you buy them when you "enter" the hobby (or whatever photography is to you) - I know they don't travel in your lofty circles of photographic godliness, but these people do exist... they are called the genereal buying public. Look down, squint, and you WILL see them - down there, toiling with kit lenses and such...If that was my first experience with a brand, once I knew a little more, they would not see a dollar of my money when I was to make the next step and purchase a more advanced model. Probably why I've yet to see a kit lense that lousy from Canon or Nikon...they are doing a bit better than minolta is, last time I checked.

So THAT is the problem.

And you can relax, I am sure your decisons are based on lofty ideals and in-depth study, not superficial issue of aesthetics, still, you may have noticed the next to a comment about a camera you don't even own...

I will take all your posts a lot more seriously now, so humbled am I.


Peter, born of the inferior, kit-lense buying grey, huddled masses.