My opinion, if you're trying to be more mature about it sell your Tech Pan and get yourself a pictorial film - which will have some more grain, but will be far superior in every other way.

When it comes to grain and resolution, accept the realistic limits of whatever film format you are shooting, and work to maximize the quality with careful exposure, processing and printing. So if you are shooting roll film, you will be MUCH better off if you accept a little grain, and work on technique to maximize the tonal palette and sharpness. With document films, there are severe limitations, regardless of what developer you use. Technidol, Adotech and other POTA variants are not very good. Uneven development is almost assured, and the luminance range is still very limited. TD-3 is a good developer, but you'll still be much better off with a general purpose film and developer.

I'd caution anyone who's been told using document films can make their prints look like they used a larger film format. I have never seen a print from a 35mm Tech Pan, CMS20, ATP etc negative look like anything other than 35mm - albeit with less grain and harsh, usually poor tonality.