So other than forgetting my gaiters, filling my socks with snow last night, I shot a scene on ATP, TP and PanF. This is pretty much what I am going to do for the next week, not tests but try to get working images from the TP films. It's snowing real nice here right now so I am going to work on a nice "quiet" series of Aspen trees.

In terms of APX25, love it and have enough of it in 120 to do several shows with, at least a few years worth, that film just does *everything* right, a shame it is gone. I also have a couple hundred rolls of TMX in 120 so I am good at least for this year. I don't mind grain a bit and 120 hides it well in most prints.

I do have a few things that are nice from TP, but right now, as a career move, I need more consistency and can always buy ATP if I feel the itch. Thanks for the replies, I will figure out what this looks like by next week.