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I have a Retina IIIs but it has a shutter problem. It's a bit slower to shoot b/c of the EV system and general ergonomics and harder to focus than my IIIc.

Overall my favorite is the Retina IIIc, but like I said, it isn't ready to shoot.
The Retina IIIS actually has a very good viewfinder and *should* be easy to focus.
The shutter problems (if it's slow speeds sticking) can be at least partly cured with a well-placed drop or two of lighter fluid (partly because it isn't really a solution for a camera you plan to use a lot - a full CLA is better).
Getting the top deck off the IIIS and cleaning the viewfinder is relatively easy (if you have some experience with that sort of thing) - unfortunately that's the only easy thing to clean on theat camera.

About the Retina IIIc, just leave it open!