Perhaps most of us have some desire to belong to an exclusive group, and to consider whatever group we join to be special. The further we are from hard science and craftsmanship, the more this is so. Creative people can be almost as far removed from mainstream humanity as anybody. They may well believe there is something special about an artist's soul that can be felt even by less favored people. On the other hand, others with little creativity may analyze art and its effect on people, and elicit the response it arouses in others through technique. Much is written to assist people in developing the craftmanshit that makes this possible.

Consider photography. Perspective affects our response to a photograph. A photo viewed from much closer than the correct viewpoint gives a more clinical view of the subject. When viewed from much further than the correct viewpoint, it can suggest intimacy. National Geographic uses both techniques, one to emphasize the subject, and one to involve the viewer in the scene. Color is another important element in affecting the response of the viewer. So are the lightness of the photo, detail, and presentation. These elements can be analyzed and used. Some photographers instinctively use them with analyzation, and may attribute this to an artist's soul.