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The Retina IIIS actually has a very good viewfinder and *should* be easy to focus.
The shutter problems (if it's slow speeds sticking) can be at least partly cured with a well-placed drop or two of lighter fluid (partly because it isn't really a solution for a camera you plan to use a lot - a full CLA is better).
Getting the top deck off the IIIS and cleaning the viewfinder is relatively easy (if you have some experience with that sort of thing) - unfortunately that's the only easy thing to clean on theat camera.

About the Retina IIIc, just leave it open!
I think you're right. I'll have to read the above posts more carefully because they are very inciteful. I'm attracted to a Leica Barnack but I'm not sure if the prices on some of their lenses is justifiable (I'd rather put my money on M lenses). I feel that I'm probably better off sticking with the Retinas for their portability and saving up for an M.

I'm convinced that Barnack's are good users, but my Retinas are by no means bad so I'll just leave my IIIc open, give my IIIs a CLA, and deal with the ergonomics.