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This results in an average filtration with tungsten light enlargers of 50R.
I have read this many times and it always puzzles me. I have never ended up with this sort of filtration. The filtration also varies much more between individual negatives than most people say.
I get good maximium black and bright white and subsequent exposures are always very consistent, so the process should be ok (Paterson photocolor RA-4 chemistry). Anyway with both Dunco and Durst colorheads I'm always printing in the range of 100Y 90M. Is this because of the lightsource (halogen) or something else like different filtration units in enlargers from various manufacturers?
I.e. Kodak Gold 200 in bright sunlight was balaced on Supra Endura with 102,5Y 92,5M. I don't have quality problems, filter values are quite far away from values other people quote.