Sorry for being so late with my comments for this round. Lots of great cards received (in no particular order):

  • BlackDog: Beautifully printed and very poetic!
  • markrewald: I don't mind the fogged paper effect either. Looks like a friendly dog!
  • ccross: A good abstract.
  • kc2edh: A very successful attempt at infrared, and a beautiful landscape.
  • andrew.vartabedian: A grand landscape in a small format. Interesting combination.
  • gordrob: "Rose Deer Hotel". Interesting building. Would love to visit that hotel some time.
  • hoffy: Love this one! Several layers of framing, and very well printed.
  • Aron: Another lovely print. Just beautiful!
  • kraker: This photo made me read more about Doel. Seems absurd that one can demolish an entire village.
  • Laurent: Great photo of an artist at work!
  • ozphoto: Fantastic sports photo. Had to look up Australian Rules Football too.
  • ndrs: These two would scare me if I met them!
  • Rom: I wish I had this view on my way to work!
  • Roger Thoms: I like doors. Nice photo of an interesting sample.
  • labcoat: Color photo! The diner looks a little scary for some reason.
  • Tim Gray: A different, and very successful, view of this famous building.
  • Wayne Frederick: Looks cold and windy!

Thanks everyone!