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I did TP and ATP together in the same soup of Rodinal 1+300 at 11 minutes, gentle agitation and the negs looked OK in terms of tone but I got streaks in areas that were uniform like snow, so if someone else wants to chime in...
~ 20 years ago I have shot a few rolls of Kodak TP 135 @ 25 and developed in Rodinal 1:100 @ 18C for 18minutes, 2 slow inversions every 2 minutes.
Right now on the market, there is Tetenal Dokumol, that same document developer was better than Kodak own dev for TP back in the days.
The devs for ATP should work even better.

Kodak TP is quite unique film, spectral sensitivity wise, res power and so on.
Rolei ATP comes close, yes. Rollei 80S in the spur developer might beat both TP and ATP depending on what You are after.