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I have read this many times and it always puzzles me. I have never ended up with this sort of filtration. The filtration also varies much more between individual negatives than most people say....
.... I.e. Kodak Gold 200 in bright sunlight was balaced on Supra Endura with 102,5Y 92,5M. I don't have quality problems, filter values are quite far away from values other people quote.
I agree. I've never been able to print using either red or magenta filtration alone.

One thought ... I've found the use of shortstop (1% acetic acid) to be *essential* between color developer and bleach-fix in RA4 printing. It has been so long after that discovery, that I don't remember WHY.I seem to remember streaking, or uneven color balance or ..? Anyway, I always use it.

It was noted that NOT ALL panels of the MacBeth Color Checker were "off" - and the rest perfectly OK.
That screams to me of UV fluorescence - not a processing fault.