Pavelle sued Kodak in the '70s due to the change from Ektaprint C to Ektaprint 3 for paper and from C-22 to C-41 for film. Mr. Pavelle said that this was done to hurt small companies. He won the lawsuit as Kodak was branded the big giant villain in this case. Actually, we didn't pay much attention to the Pavelle kits and so Mr. Pavelle may have thought we targeted him but nothing could be further from the truth.

Kodak was also sued by Berkey and GAF at the same time and for similar reasons.

Losing the lawsuits when we had evidence to help win it was a blow to EK and changed direction on several projects including the use of CD-6 in other products than Kodachrome. In the end, Kodak was hurt internally and the customers lost out on some neat products. Mr. Pavelle won a small skirmish that really did more harm than good. My opinion from being involved in this skirmish. I was deposed by the court to offer written testimony.