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Hi all!

I'm seriously thinking of building my own pinhole camera. However, I'm an absolute beginner, so I feel I need some advice...

I'd like to go for a film camera taking 120 rolls. I had a look at the camera wizard at mrpinhole.com and I got the following values: focal 45mm; pinhole 0.28mm; f stop 159; angle of view 86.7. So, as far as I understand, I have to make sure that the film is at 45mm from the hole... Do these values seem correct?

Also, I need some knobs to advance the film, but I'm wondering how I'll be able to know how much I'll need to advance the film if I don't want the views to overlap. Any hint on how you are doing that guys???

Take a look at this link. There are a couple of ideas for your project. I've made two 6X9 format cameras for 120. One is 80mm & the other is 57mm; both would be considered wide angle for that format. If you're going to process the film yourself the format choice is wide open but for lab processing I'd go with 4.5x6, 6x6, or 6x7.
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