If it's worth having, it's worth having it in proper working order. You can do it yourself, or you can pay someone else to do it, but time is money; you're paying for labor, knowlege, & experience. I've read posters report that they have gotten CLAs for a little less. $85 comes to mind, but I don;t know where. perhaps you can find a local independent service tech to do it. There's a company near me that services a wide range of cameras. When they made a very minor repair for me on my Nikon FM3A under warranty, they told me that their minimum charge is $95 & that the Nikon factory is higher. ToCad, which services a number of products, including Contax has a minimum charge of $150. within that contest $100 for the Canonet seems reasonable to me. All mechanical products need periodic service & the cost of service is completely unrelated to the age of the machine & what its retail value is - new or used.