Thanks Ted for all your tremendous work that made this event possible. You chose a perfect location at the Oceano dunes Pismo Beach and the two houses you discovered are a perfect headquarters for the events, sill photo, models shoots and more.

Just to update folk here, Although there are 18 pages in a long thread on this subject, the thread might be missed here in APUG! Until now, the shoot was something being dreamed of and discussed to be put together. Now two houses have been booked, we have speakers and a full schedule of shoots and an exciting large format program worthy of the man that inspired so many and gently moved folk back to simple but clean views of what is to be imaged. I'm so impressed by the love so many photographers show for him and the respect Per showed everyone he met. But you all know that far longer and better than I!

So please everyone, catch up with the event and you can join us in just 2 weeks 24th to 26th of february. We can still accommodate more photographers at the two houses we rented which serves as the headquarters and meeting center. Also perhaps you can share pictures of Per and add a message to them. Send up to 20 MB files to, (replace AT with @) or send the file by http://you for free. If you have a print, send or bring that too!