Here are the results of shooting an emulsion made in October at the GEH workshop with Ron Mowrey and Mark Osterman, in a camera.

One coating was done on subbed-melinex and the other on strathmore bristol paper, I believe.

Shot on a sunny day at 4 in the afternoon; Pentax spotmeter read 16 on the stone and 13.5 on the roof, indicating an exposure of 14 for me.


60 seconds for the paper
70 seconds for the film (got distracted...)

All told, I'm really digging this! The paper negative came out very strong and the neg seemed thin, though there's plenty of information on there, just not a lot of density. I'm quite curious about this..

My plan is to make a carbon print from the paper neg; a gift for my friends who were married in this building about a year ago.

However, the paper grain hides the resolution of this emulsion, which on the film is dang impressive. Coating flaws detract from it, but hey.. cut a guy some slack.

No matter what happens to film production, I know how to make this... and that makes me so happy.

*picture 1* - detail from film
*picture 2* - film negative
*picture 3* - positive from film neg
*picture 4* - paper neg
*picture 5* - positive from paper neg

The positives are just flipped scans, not prints.