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I recently went through a strange time period where I was losing cameras. All my life I've been relatively lucky or careful, but then weird things happened in spades. I lost two cameras, a Minolta 807si and a Olympus Stylus Epic to drowning, a $300 digicam to vanishing (have no clue where it went. It simply went *between*) and a Canon EOS-3 to leaky battery corrosion. I have also misplaced a nice little Minolta Freedom Zoom EX point and shoot that I recently gave up the search on and got one on eBay. I have two of them now. Somewhere. Oh, and I recently came across a Canon EOS-1n that i would have swore I sold, and not only that, it had film in it. Found film is always fun, especially when it's your own!

The ones I drowned and the battery issue are understandable, but how do cameras simply vanish? Anyone else *know* you own a camera but can't find it? We have a cat too, who simply vanishes. Perhaps Iowa has a Bermuda triangle that floats around my house.
i had a hasselblad disappearand a good friend right withit.now, i'm not sure whichof the two i miss most.