I had a break in at my house a few nights ago and crooks went for, almost exclusively, the camera gear.
Here's the list:
Nikon F3HP, serial # 1742951
Nikon FM, serial # 24325567

Nikon F3, serial # 1891094
Nikon D200 with 18-70 kit lens, 3065482/3290844. Various filters, CF cards.
Nikon 75-300 AF, sorry, no serial #
Nikon 28-70 AF-D, no serial.
TrekTech TPod
All in a gray LowePro Compact 35 bag

Then's there all the Bronica gear!
SQ-Ai body, 1523324
80/2.8 PS lens, 8328320
Prism finder S, has no serial
SQ 120I back, 2300783
40/4.0 PS lens, 4402634
65/4.0 PS lens, 6603293
TWO waist level finder, one like new the other all beat to hell
SQ 120 back, 2282264
SQ 120 back, no serial number
SQ 220i back, 2308766
Old style but like new in box, Sekonic L-248 light meter
65/80 hood. 95mm metal hood, various filters, strap, all in a black LowePro Nova 4 bag.

Nikon Coolpix S4, it doesn't work. Serial unknown
Canon Sureshot Classic P&S 35mm, serial unknown
They also may be trying to unload a fried Macbook Pro in it's original box.
If your're in NE Ohio, please be on the lookout for these items and PM me if happen across them.

Many thanks,