Those are just Ethol's recommendations of how to replenish it. I don't know if you can modify it or not, but you're sorta on your own if you do.

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Oops, I left the question about replenishment on the screen while I did a couple of other things and stopped by the darkroom to check the labels, then came back and posted. In the meantime you posted this.

I may try this. I'd like to modify it a bit, maybe mix 1/2 gallon of working solution considering that's enough for my largest trays and I don't get to print that much. Is there any real advantage to mixing the "replenisher" as soon as you mix the stock? Why not just leave it stock and dilute before replenishing? Obviously it has a long shelf life but, again, I don't get to print that much or that often so anything that prolongs the life of my solutions is good for me. It would also mean fewer storage bottles. I have quite an embarrassment of shelves full of various mixed potions already.