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The only thing I would be worried about is the replenishment rate. It's based on a gallon of working solution, and could be different if you only use a half gallon. You might get fairly large fluctuations in activity that way.

But why not try it? I print enough that I spend all of the replenisher before it goes bad, which is very well within the six month mark; I probably use a gallon kit every 8-12 weeks.
Well yeah, I just figure you cut the replenishment rate accordingly.

But now that I re-read it, I'm not sure what this means:

"Add 300ml per qty 30 8x10 prints, and top off the working solution after each printing session as necessary with replenisher."

Does that mean, as it says, to add 300ml of replenisher for each 30 prints AND top off the container to a gallon? That would seem to introduce a huge variable in the topping off. How much (stronger) replenisher you add would depend on how well you drain your prints, but I suppose for the usual "drain until it drips not runs" (eight seconds for an 8x10 held corner down!) it would be close enough.

But yeah, that 10ml per 8x10 back into the gallon would make it different with a half gallon.

I could just forget about this. I print little enough and it's cheap enough that I don't care about making it less expensive. My only goal here would be consistency. The label says not to worry about the color change, and my prints don't seem to vary so far, but every time I pour the working solution back into the tray I wonder if I should toss it and start over, or not.

I wish I had time to use a gallon every 8-12 weeks. Heck, I wish I had time to use up a quart of concentrate every 8 weeks.

It occurs to me I have time to post online, but that doesn't require set up and clean up time and can be done a bit at a time in between other things, quite different.