Gnashings I agree with you about the value of the Canonets. To show how well built they are, they weigh more than any M-mount rangefinder Leica ever built! They used heavy duty parts in this camera.

The point about service & repair is just what you said. It was worth it to you. Exactly the point! Even if you pick up a clean Canonet & its working perfectly, it will need maintenance at some point if you want to keep it going. The lubricants they used in these things tends to turn to goo. And they're not making any more of these little gems. You can pick up an old car, lawn tractor, or snow blower for a cheap price & run it into the ground. But with a little regular maintenance the life of some of these overbuilt old machines is longer than yours. $100 invested in a CLA for a Canonet comes out to $10 a year if you figure that you probably won't need to do another one for another 10 years. That's cheap in my book.