Currently there is a fire 40Km south of here in the Southern Forest Region of WA - We have already put my daughter's evacuation plan into practice as the fire is 8Km from her place - The wind is still, but if the wind increases we are phuqed - Her dog is here and farting

We have packed everything important - Legal document and the negs first, followed by the Linhof kit, the two 10x8" kits followed by the WA and Tele Rolleis and a bag of Nikon Fs and lenses - Books, A R Ammons, Kenneth White, the first Wynn Bullock monograph, Minimata, the I Ching and the Tao Te Ching - From the darkroom a litre of my 27 year old D76d as seed for a new batch in case the worst happens

To be abandoned to the fire are my former commercial studio Hasselblads, my Rollei 2.8F, Bowens flash kits and my enlarger bodies - The 10x8" De Vere would be the only one not replaceable, 'though the loss of the three Focomats would be a bit sad

This is an interesting exercise in selection