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I bought a Vb Type 1 last year and have the same issue. On one roll I had slight overlap, but that has not been repeated. I have seen instructions which advise you to keep a thumb on the film as you load it and wind on to the point where you close the camera. This is to keep the film tight in the early stages. It seems to help. It may also help to try to turn the film wind knob smoothly and evenly between frames. I am reluctant to go for a repair yet as it could be expensive. The quality available with this camera makes it worth persevering. The negatives are superb.
Yea - I've been doing this. Putting my thumb on the roll as i wind. I haven't had any overlap, just odd spacing. I'll deffinately go for a CLA if it becomes a problem. I've had nothing short of superb quality out of this little camera.