Many thanks to Keith for coordination of bulk purchase and arrangement of special order from Kodak.
It can be the last chance to rich excellent Kodak Plus-X in 70mm. I think it may disappear soon.

Two years ago Martin Reed did the APUG action for group purchase of FP4/HP5 in this exciting format.
He was personally geared up for 70mm film and he wanted to do a regular Silverprint supply of the Ilford film in 70mm. It was why he was pushing APUG members for it.

Martin suggested a very small order (60 cans of 30 meters) at the beginning which was a drop in the bucket on the scale of Ilford production.
Initially it seemed that the response from the APUG community is encouraging.

I was fascinated by this proposal, especially because I feel comfortable working with a long roll 70mm system.

I'm sure Keith remembers that action, it was a great interest in Ilford 70mm film at the beginning.

Unfortunately, despite the enthusiastic declaration it was only 6 rolls ordered finally and the whole thing fizzled out.
I couldn’t believe there was so small demand for that great stuff.

I hope it is a still, sufficient interest in 70mm Plus-X now, but I am slightly skeptical after that failed attempt.
It's a pity my freezer is still stuffed with old 70mm aerial stock, but why not to try the fresh batch of Plus-X Aerographic ?

I'm afraid that Keith is right, Plus-X lovers will moan a year from now about not having any fresh Kodak stuff

Jan Wilhelm