After 12 years of research , I learned the most amazing thing is resolution at old Leitz lenses. When I enter the gallery , I quickly identify which is Leica photograph and which is not.
But AGFA films and papers even more amazing , they are transform a normal photograph in to a state which I liked to see with Leica , it is texture , contrast and tones.

I asked myself , what can be responsible from that texture ? I looked to Ian and PE posts and found there was 3 or more gelatin used. I looked to Osterman site and he talks about different gelatins and different grain sizes with controlled by reheat.

I did two things , first I applied for a new patent no 61598792 about different pigment size , multi cartridges
inkjet printer ink to mimic grain size difference of different gelatin mixtures for to control high frequency noise , so the texture.

Second thing is to present an one of my old ideas heated.

I read Osterman tells that heat changes grain size.

If we can take two 8x10 negatives , first fully developed and scanned and computer processed and
than if we fill the 6 different canisters of HP Printer with different developers and if We reprogram the print head for different heat per pixel

We could get faraway more control on final image.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac
All rights reserved !