Thanks for all the good wishes - Don't worry about the dogs - They have got the situation well sorted on their own - When the smoke was very thick early Monday evening they went into the rear seat of the ute, Grub, Zeke and our neighbours dog Ruby - The three of them sitting there with a unified expression of "We are ready, now drive!!!" - Not even the usual dog bickering about who sits where

Yes, legal docs first, then negs then a small bag of books, then the cameras that are needed for my planned portfolios

The good news is that with one exception the fire is now staying within the planned containment line and the wind is easterly, which should take it along the unpopulated coastal strip if it does break containment - There are no strong winds forecast for a few days - But we remain prepared and the dogs are here, keeping them out of the car is the difficult bit, on the canine mindset that cars = beaches

What this has done is to focus my mind on what I will actually use for the rest of my life, so the classified for sale section of APUG will get a good deal of equipment offered at very low prices to photographers who will use it - Anyone looking for a 250mm Rodenstock Imagon with all the fruit?