If I can't choose a camera, only because I don't know anyone who coud more or less without fear or favour compare some cameras and from camera revies it's quite hard to tell what's good or bad or better.
So, I have used a Praktica (with some old, unsharp lenses ) Yashica fx super 2000 (can't compare to the praktica), a Yashica fx-103 (more solid than the fx-2000), and now I want to buy one for myself.
But I realise that Yashica's are not the only cameras avaliable.
So I need somebody to tell me If there are any better than (for example) the same Yashica fx-103.
Well, hard to tell what i want, but is the Canon A-1 that much better? (apart from some more programs and shutter priority, and so on )
So actually the question is like this:
What camera (that is not a scarcity and avaliable, e.g. on e-bay ) would You suggest for me? It could be about the yashica- 103 or canon a-1 level camera.
Well, is the canon a-1 more solid?
Or any other cameras?
Well, at least the Yashicas can use CZ T* lenses.
Hope You understood my question.

Thanks for any advices.