To EKJT, yes I agree. It is rare to end up at exactly 50R, that is just a suggested center starting point. Starting there, you should be able to determine what is appropriate for your enlarger.

Over the years, I have found that well processed color negatives should be within a about a 10R of a central color balance for a given enlarger. The negative films from all manufacturers seem to be manufactured to rather tight speed tolerances just as much as the reversal films are.

As far as the original question goes though, I took it to mean negative to positive printing (RA) and that the filtration needed would go into the cyan, as the checker was too cyan so you have to add cyan filtrataion, or remove red to correct this problem. The initial color pack is abnormally low.

I also agree with the comment that mixed illumination in the original picture or safelight fog could give such a problem, but with the safelight you can test it with a blank piece of paper to see if it comes out cyan when you process it.