I received my first three cards yesterday! I was so excited to see them when I returned home from work.

Joel's 'Dew In The Pines' is very nice! Reminds me of the times when I was a child and we'd go out to the Christmas Tree farm with my parents and my father would cut down a tree for us.

Rob's pinhole image of the Waterfall is very interesting as well! Not only is is the first pinhole image I think I've ever seen, it also introduced me to Fiber based paper! I love the silkiness of the waterfall caused by the long exposure.

And Mike Wilde's envelope of goodies! What an extremely nice presentation! Thanks for the notes on each print. While I enjoyed them all, the Venice Beach Boardwalk was definitely my favorite. What a happy accident it was indeed! I'd love to have that one in an larger square print!!

My box of Ilford Pearl Postcard paper should be delivered tomorrow, so I can't wait to spend the day in the darkroom on Friday! Hopefully I'll get all of mine mailed out over the weekend.