...and all I can say is WOW. Don't miss it!

About 60 pictures (some are multi-plate), most are single plate 14x20" platinum/palladium (hope I have that right) prints on watercolor paper.
Pictures from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Easter Island, India, Ankor Wat and other places.

What impressed me most was his compositional mastery. There is one photograph of dusk at the pyramids that has the setting sun notched just to the right of the middle pyramid - I was in awe. His Easter Island images really got to me as well.

In addition, the museum had playing a video "Kenro Izu: Sacred Places" where the photographer discusses his career, techniques (including printing process) and insights. This video is produced by the Peabody Essex Museum...I'm going to see if I can buy a copy (the Fitchburg Art Museum doesn't have any for sale).

This isn't the only photographic exhibit currently at the Fitchburg Art Museum - there is also an Andy Warhol exhibit upstairs as well.