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...I need to subtract 5 or 10 units of Magenta, but.....
I CAN'T!!! My filter pack is 0 Magenta and 50 Yellow!!

Now what???
10 units of Magenta = 10yellow and 10 cyan, so your new filter pack would be:
60 yellow, 0 Magenta, 10 cyan

55y, 0m, 5c for 5 Magenta.

This filter pack indicates a strong green cast to the neg not cyan. This would be a pretty normal filterpack fo a cross proccesed (e6 material in c41 chems) E100(s,sw,vs,g or gx).

It would be interesting to know if your shadows were magenta and your highlights or midtones were nuetral or tended to be cool or green. If so I would guess that you have chemestry or some film developing issues.